Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

What is Pitru Dosh?

The word Pitru Dosh itself reveals that it signifies "Pitru," which is Hindi for "forefather." Parental ancestry is thus defined by the word Pitru. Pitru Dosh refers to the negative karma that the ancestors' wrongdoings while they were still alive in the past generated. Any individual who has any criminal, mistaken, or sinful ancestors gets Pitru Dosh in their horoscope. It is, to put it simply, a game about the karmic obligations of the ancestors. The Sun is regarded as the karaka for the father in Hindu Vedic astrology. Let's say the Sun is in the ninth house or is otherwise negatively impacted by a natural or natal malefic. Rahu in conjunction with the lord or nine other planets is regarded as Pitru Dosh.

Pitru Puja in Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar got more importance in all 12 jyotirlinga. Thats why Pitru dosh nivaran puja is performed in Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra, India

Pitru Dosh Cost in Trimbakeshwar

Pitru dosh puja with all samgari which cost 2100/- INR

Pitru Dosh Puja Process

  • Execute the Pind-Daan.
  • A person must arrive a day in advance or as early as 6 AM on the day of Muhurta.
  • A person is not permitted to leave the pooja site till the pooja vidhi is finished once the pooja has begun. They will have their freedom at noon on the last day.
  • Having a lamp lit and pure ghee, swear to appease all known and unknown Pitras.
  • You can chant four malas for four days, or 16 malas of this mantra each day.
  • One mala of this mantra can be chanted for 16 Shraadh.
  • Only brand-new clothing must be worn, such as a white dhoti, gamcha, and napkin for men, and a saree, blouse, or other item of clothing in a colour other than black, green, or plain white.
  • On those days of puja, they should avoid eating anything containing onions or garlic.
  • After finishing, feed the cows or Brahmins.
  • Food can also be donated to those in need and poverty.
  • Alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are off limits for the following 41 days, including Pooja Day.